Ollie Ballew, New Albany’s Harvest Homecoming queen, and resident Jo Madden

Two residents at Green Valley Care Center in New Albany, Indiana, were crowned king and queen of the facility on Dec. 30, 2016.


Ollie Ballew, New Albany’s Harvest Homecoming queen, volunteered to come to the facility and crown Jackie Humphrey as king and Jo Madden as queen. Residents and associates were present to watch the crowning.


April Davidson, activity director, let the two know ahead of time so that they would be prepared. When Madden found out, she said to Humphrey, “OK. I am the queen, and I’d like a kiss.”


Humphrey told her he was OK with that.


There is no romance between the two, however. They are just great friends who enjoy each other’s company.


As king and queen, the two are in charge of welcoming new residents and their families to the facility. They were pleasantly surprised with their new roles, and Madden quickly called her daughter to let her know that she was “finally crowned queen, and it had only taken her 70 years!”


“She was on cloud nine for quite some time,” shared Davidson.


Humphrey and Madden look out for each other and have been table buddies for quite some time. He checks on her when she isn’t present at meals. Both of them can guess what each other would pick to eat, and she has even bought him secret Christmas gifts.


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