Kay Champa meets the Kentucky Wildcats mascot.

On Dec. 15, 2018, April Davidson, activities director at Green Valley Care Center in New Albany, Indiana, fulfilled resident Kay Champa’s life-long dream of seeing a Kentucky Wildcat’s basketball game in person.


Champa, a long-term care resident diagnosed with muscular sclerosis, has been an avid Kentucky Wildcats fan her whole life. After mentioning that she wished to go see a live game during a group activity one day, Davidson began to devise a plan to make it happen.


Davidson reached out to an organization called Opal’s Dream Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “bringing happiness and dignity to seniors in over 70 nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Kentucky and Indiana.” For approximately one year, Davidson worked with the foundation to acquire tickets and coordinate the event. Leading up to the game, the foundation even sent Champa complementary Kentucky Wildcats memorabilia to wear on her big day.


“She was so excited to receive these items,” said Davidson. “Kay did not know at this time I was working on the event for her. It was a surprise!”


When Champa and Davidson finally attended the game, they both had the time of their lives.


“Kentucky smashed Utah and won the game!” said Davidson. “I cried when Kay grabbed my hand and thanked me for making her dream come true.”